Tuesday, August 23rd

Today was the "Let's visit the campus" day. Why the Hell had I decided to wear heels? Oh, yeah, maybe because I do not have anything else to wear... Nonetheless, the place was quite ultimately rad. Not only the weather was sunny, but the campus in itself rocks. I had never seen such a gorgeous place before. Everything revolves around the field in the middle of the area. And what a field! perfect lawn, well-groomed trees...

I will work at Olin Hall, the building for Languages and Literature, so I would better try to figure out my way through the place quite quickly. Then we visited the Sciences Hall with its amazing exhibitions, the library with its 1.000.000 volumes, the Reid Campus Center (cafeteria, bookstore, post office), the gym (frigging rad), the swimming-pool (awesome), the Memorial (hosting the offices of the President, the Dean and Provost and a few more). Yet the heat was really crushing me, it was a good 37degrees out there.

For lunch, we were provided rides to a winery in the hills, in Oregon. The place was really beautiful, with vineyards all around in the open, crops and plants. It kind of reminded me of the Provence region back home. We had sandwiches and so-called French cheeses, for sure it was an ideal place to chill out and relax before going back to the campus.

We went to the bookstore and bought supplies for our poster project, in which we have to introduce ourselves to anyone who would come across. Time to be artsy! What I am not really good at, to be honest.

At 5:00 we took a bus to go to a place called Camp Kawanis, a kind of camping place, with a few cabins and a main house for people to stay overnight. It was surrounded with mountains and circled by a nice little river, and weirdly enough, reminded me of the Crystal Lake camp in the Friday the 13th movies. If we are lucky, there will not be any nutjob coming over and slash us all to slices. The goal of the event was to meet up with the other International Students, from 30 different nations. Dinner was good, but the students were all so excited, they looked like hyped puppies. Most of them are quite young so I guess it is normal for them to be like this.

After dinner, we had to gather for some kind of psychological games supposed to define us in society... we were given speeches about culture shock, Western-non Western ways of thinking... It was very interesting to hear everybody's opinions, but i am really not into psychology and trying to put people in boxes.... During the drive back home, I had a nice chat with Jen, our coordinator, about American materialism. I did like it, because it is really a new way of life I am facing here....